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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Shared transit now has a loyalty program

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by Elsa Sidawy | | 08.24.11

For air travel, we have frequent flyer miles, for the train, we have S’Miles, and now shared transit users are entitled to their own customer loyalty program called Soleillos. The company Transway is initially offering the service to communities and businesses after the successful public launch of its smartphone application GoToo last February. A subtle push to increase eco-mobility participation.


Nicolas Tronchon

A loyalty program based on user trust
GoToo is based on a simple premise: to encourage eco-mobility, we must reward users and not force them. Unlike loyalty points based on actual purchases and directly credited to an account, GoToo asks users to declare their own points. “Either create a platform that interfaces with existing services, or invent a digital service that’s based on user declarations,” says Nicolas Tronchon, a founder of Transway. Available through a website as a widget or as a smartphone application, the tool prompts users to declare their journeys on “clean” transport, journeys which are monitered by Soleillos who make their calculations following a system created by ADEME.

corps_gotoo_110511A tool that links users
Above all, GoToo is a tool to formalize relationships between users taking the same route either once or on a regular basis. “Our challenge is to bring people to think about their mobility. Once we know which journeys they’re taking, we can work on the ways they take them,” says the publisher of GoToo. Each community, whatever its size, can then work together to create carpools or report transport disturbances in real-time. Practical advice published on social networks will also be rebroadcasted by Soleillos. For rewards, each year Transway will work with an endowment of 1500 euros, provided by their business partners, amounting to a booty of 10,000 euros per year, to be shared among the 150 most virtuous users.

A business model based on selling tools to businesses and communities
GoToo remains a free tool for individuals, earning zero profit for Transway. However, they have a pilot tool (GoToo Pro) geared towards companies as part of their PDE (Travel Plan Company, mandatory for all companies Ile-de-France more than 250 employees). “To lead a PDE, we must introduce challenges to help us understand the decisions of individuals.” Instead of Soleillos, it’s the entrepreneur who can reward its employees based on their commitment, through bonuses or other vouchers. To date, 35 companies in Nantes have experimented with the Transway tool.

The second business model is based on a similar formula but applied to communities (GoToo City) engaged in eco-mobility. Transway will again experiment with Nantes, rewarding virtuous citizens with discounts on cultural and sporting events and transport. Coming soon: another experiment with the community of Cholet and soon Mureaux in the Ile-de-France. In the mean time, the small start-up, now in search of investors, hopes to convince about a dozen French communities of over 500,000 inhabitants, with an uptake rate of 10%, to get on board. But Nicolas Tronchon assures that they “have the business strategies to achieve success.” With an investment in R & D of 1.4 million euros in three years, Transway has in any case the funds.

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Translated by Genny Cortinovis

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