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Friday 25 October 2013

Eole Water invents a wind turbine that turns air into water

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by Baptiste Roux Dit Riche | Cleantech Republic | 09.23.11

Eole Water

It’s difficult to imagine a more pleasant living environment than a small Caribbean island. That is unless you have a scarcity of drinking water. Marc Parent - founder of Eole Water - has lived this reality for many years. Back in France, the entrepreneur began work on an innovative system that would ensure a water supply in remote areas. Called “Water Maker System“, his device integrates - in a single unit - a turbine coupled with an air conditioner. A stand-alone solution that turns air into water through condensation. “This is a clean technology because it uses only air and wind,” says Thibault Janin, Marketing Director of Eole Water. “It provides a new decentralized approach to water that does not exist today.”

Schéma de fonctionnement - Eole Water

Funtioning principle - Eole Water (click to enlarge)

An average production of 1000 liters per day

A concept that the company - based in Sainte Tulle (France) – uses today in its WMS 1000 wind turbine. According to Eole Water, this machine is capable of producing an average of 1,000 liters of water per day. Albeit with some serious fluctuations due to its surrounding climatic conditions: outdoor temperature, wind and humidity in the air. Production could well increase to 2000 liters per day in Polynesia but is limited to only 300 liters daily in the desert, although the process itself does not change. The 30 kW wind turbine module electrically powers a water block in which a turbine draws in air, which is then turned into water. The precious liquid obtained can be stored, distributed by a network or delivered by a simple tap.

Coupe de l'éolienne - Eole Water

Eole Water

Equip developing countries

Designed for remote areas and communities, the WMS 1000 wind turbine has great international potential. “In recent years, emerging markets have begun to develop city water systems, which attract populations to urban areas. Water is a way in which to relocate a population,” announces Janin, a positioning the company shares with Bio-UV who is developing a solar water purification terminal. To appeal to NGOs and governments, Eole Water is currently preparing to launch its first pilot installation in Abu Dhabi. Other experiments should follow before early 2012 and the start of series production. Janin reveals he already has interest in Africa and South America. What one thing might you take on a desert island? Perhaps one day, a WMS 1000.

WMS 1000 Wind Turbine - Fact Sheet

  • Production of water: 1000 liters / day
  • Electrical output: 30 kW
  • Mast height: 24 meters
  • Rotor Diameter: 13.5 meters
  • Platform Dimensions: 6x ∅ 2m
  • Weight: 11 tons
  • Price: n.c

Eole Water in brief

  • Headquarters: Sainte Tulle (France)
  • History: European patent (2000), International Patent (2004), creation of the company (June 2008)
  • Partners: ArcelorMittal, Carel, Danfoss, Leroy Somer, Siemens
  • Employees: 8 people
  • Fundraising: 1.2 million euros (Entrepreneur Venture - June 2010)
  • To learn more: Company details (in french) for Eole Water on

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