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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Imagine H2O, a springboard for innovative start-ups in the water sector

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by Nathalie Mettling | 09.30.11


Though renewable energy often draws heavy investment and media coverage in the cleantech world, water does too. The theme of the second yearly competition launched by the Californian organization Imagine H2O was “Water Energy Nexus”. In other words, the aim was to promote start-ups the innovations of which are combining water and energy sectors. Let us review the winners.

This year, Imagine H2O received 50 application forms. A jury of experts chose ten finalists the list of which was displayed in December 2010 (see the list below). The three winners were announced on March 16th during the award ceremony in San Francisco: Hydrovolts was the giant killer, the two other winners being BlackGold Biofuels and Fogbusters.

The appropriately named Hydrovolts, the winner of the 2010 award, is developing a water turbine that makes highly-profitable, low-cost electricity production possible. Hydrovolts’s strong point is, in addition to a disruptive technology (Flipwings), its deep knowledge of markets and needs. Burt Hamner, CEO and founder of Hydrovolts, is the author of a feasibility study on the installation of blades immersed in the Tacoma canal, WA.

Two finalists tackle the grease waste issue

BlackGold Biofuels is developing a pilot project in the Ocean Side wastewater treatment station in San Francisco. BlackGold produces bio-fuels from grease waste (Fat, Oil & Grease FOG) – a real problem for most treatment stations and collection networks. Its process transforms this type of waste into energy through a unique transformation process, leaving no polluting waste.

Fogbusters is targeting the same pollution but further upstream. It enables the separation of phases without any energy consumption or chemicals. A simple solution, supported and expected by various industrial sectors.

It is interesting to take a closer look at the applicants but also at the organization in charge of this event in order to understand the potential future of innovation in a sector as old as water.

This event, partner of the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, rewards the best “business plans”. Though innovative technology is essential, the emphasis is rather put on start-ups’ abilities and commercial potential. A good way to draw investors’ attention, they who consider the water sector as too static a market, leaving little space for innovation and private benefits.

A model to imitate

Imagine H2O defines itself as an incubator. They really want to allow technologies to develop and take on their markets. The competition’s methodology clearly shows it.

First of all, application forms are evaluated according to 7 criteria (see details below), which most of the time allow companies to define their business plans with great precision and to clearly present their strategy. Poor communication and synthesis often act as obstacles, even for very good technologies.

Finalists benefit from a sponsorship. During the competition, each of the 10 chosen companies has a mentor. The latter usually is an executive in a cleantech company. He/she acts as a consultant and helps the company rewrite its presentation before putting it forward to investors. The Hydrovolts chief executive put great emphasis on the quality and appropriateness of this sponsorship during the award ceremony. The Imagine H2O award cannot be reduced to a check. The three winners are offered two legal and accounting consultations with two big consulting agencies.

France should take a leaf out of their book and some French start-ups seriously consider applying for the competition next year. By the way, the 2009 winner, the company Fruition Sciences, which presented a regulated irrigation system, was French!

Photo Credit: Emily Dulla

Video of the installation of a Flipwing turbine by Hydrovolts

Learn more about the candidates

The 7 evaluation criteria

  • 1. Market opportunity
  • 2. Value proposal
  • 3. Marketing strategy
  • 4. Competitors
  • 5. Business plan
  • 6. Team
  • 7. Quality of the presentation and of the “pitch”

Message to French start-ups specialized in water:

You are running an innovative start-up in the water sector. Do not wait for the next Imagine H2O show: you can present your innovation to the American key accounts at the 2011 WEFTEC show that will take place between October 15th and 19th in Los Angeles.

Author’s Express Bio

corps_nathaliemettling_101019Nathalie Mettling, Environmental Development Officer at Ubifrance, San Francisco.

She works more specifically in the water, air and waste sectors.

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