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Tuesday 24 November 2015

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FloDesign Wind Turbine, there’s change in the wind.

FloDesign Wind Turbine, there’s change in the wind.

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par Alki Delichatsios | 03.13.12

Waltham, MA-based FloDesign Wind Turbine Corp. a spinoff of aerospace company FloDesign, has developed a novel compact jet-engine inspired wind turbine that is 3-4x more efficient and significantly cheaper to produce than existing turbines.

Vestas uses supercomputers to improve efficiency of wind power

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by Ron Stone | 11.14.11

Vestas Wind Systems is looking to improve the efficiency of its wind farms by using supercomputers to optimize site location and operation, with a goal to make wind power cost-competitive with fossil-fuel power generation. The Danish energy company partnered with IBM to use Firestorm supercomputers to analyze petabytes of data, including weather reports, tidal phases, [...]

Eole Water invents a wind turbine that turns air into water

Eole Water invents a wind turbine that turns air into water

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par Baptiste Roux Dit Riche | Cleantech Republic | 09.23.11

It’s difficult to imagine a more pleasant living environment than a small Caribbean island. That is unless you have a scarcity of drinking water. Marc Parent - founder of Eole Water - has lived this reality for many years. Back in France, the entrepreneur began work on an innovative system that would ensure a water supply in remote areas. Called “Water Maker System”, his device integrates - in a single unit - a turbine coupled with an air conditioner. A stand-alone solution that turns air into water through condensation.

Brazilian wind power on ascending winds

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by Stéphane Parpinelli | Cleantech Republic | 09.05.11

Current efforts of the Brazilian government to exploit the country’s vast wind power potential are bearing fruit . Wind power in Brazil is set to exceed 5,000 MW by 2013, a five-fold increase from the current installed capacity. Here’s the forecast from a study ‘Analysis of the regulatory framework for wind power generation in Brazil’ [...]


Open data is certainly the next innovation field for self-service citizen applications and it will create transparency and responsibility.

Paul  about  Oakland residents will measure pollution rates with their mobiles | 1 comment

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