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Tuesday 29 September 2015

User terms & Conditions

The Site is an information site that allows the user, in addition to consulting the content offered, to upload, store, share and discuss his or her own content and group content.

Our mission statement: “Share, react, supplement, argue! But do so constructively and with respect… ”

The following behaviors are prohibited on

  • Illegal activities in any form, including the copying or distribution of unauthorized software, photos, music, movies and images, harassment, fraud, prohibited trafficking, defamation or insult, racial discrimination, incitement of violence or hatred;
  • The publication of content that violates the rights of others, is defamatory or libelous, abusive, obscene or offensive;
  • Violence or the incitement of violence, political, racist or xenophobic;
  • Harassment by the repetition of identical or very similar messages, and links to other sites, spam;
  • The use of for propaganda, proselytism, the sole purpose of commercial advertising (canvassing, soliciting) and for political, religious or sectarian ends;
  • Counterfeit trademarks.

1. TERMS OF USE (hereinafter referred to as the publisher or, a business corporation with capital of € 34,131, registered under the address 154 rue du Vieux Pont de Sèvres - 92100 Boulogne France with the Business and Corporate Registry of Nanterre, publishes an information site (”Site”) with the url

These general conditions (”Terms”), subject to French law, are intended to govern the use of the site Site registration as detailed below calls for express unconditional acceptance of the Terms.

1.1 Overview of the Site

The Site is an information website that allows the user, in addition to consultation of the offered content, and subject to registration and should the case arise prior authorization, to upload, store, share and comment on his or her own content and group content. Each Internet user can freely comment on the content published on the Site.

Each registered User authorized to write articles for (or “Contributor”) has a personal space, which contains all the articles created by the registered Contributor.
The Site is not designed for backing-up content, it is up to the user to take the necessary measures to that effect.
In its role as publisher of the site, is free to sell its choice of advertising space within the site to advertisers. The User acknowledges he or she has no right to this advertising space and is therefore forbidden any pertaining claim or related action against

1.2 Contributions of the User

The User, by submitting a contribution, agrees that it will be reproduced without compensation, according to the rules of indexing, formatting and highlighting that are the sole responsibility of, as the publisher of the site, oversees the organization of sections of the Site, focusing on “one” particular contribution, and so on. However, is not responsible for the content of external contributions, and does not guarantee its accuracy.

Posts are owned by their author and express his or her thoughts, not that of Comments are published under the full responsibility of the user. Articles are published under the full responsibility of authorized Contributors.

1.3 The intellectual property of is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights relating to both the structure and content of this site worldwide.

Any networking, broadcasting or marketing in whole or in any part of content of, by third parties, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited.

The user agrees not to reproduce and / or use trademarks and logos on the Site, as well as modify, copy, translate, reproduce, sell, publish, exploit and disseminate in a digital or other format, any of the information, text, photos, videos and data on this site. Violation of these provisions subjects the offender, and all responsible persons to criminal and civil penalties permitted by law.

1.4 The responsibility of can give no assurance that its proposed services will not suffer any interruption. The service obligation of is limited to its best endeavors.

The contents conform to French law. cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the legislation of other countries of access.

This Site contains information provided by external companies and contributors and links to other sites that have not been developed by The content available on the Site is provided for informational purposes. The presence of a link from this Site to another site does not constitute an endorsement of that site or its contents. It is up to the user to use this information wisely and critically. cannot be held responsible for the information, opinions and recommendations of third parties.

1.5 The responsibility of the User

The Site may only be used by the user for personal and private use.

The User is solely responsible for his contributions to the content of the Site. is not responsible for any third party action based on the contributions he or she has written.

As part of its contribution to the Site’s content, in the form of text, images, sounds, videos or comments, the User is obliged to respect the stated laws and regulations. In particular, it guarantees that the storage and dissemination of that content via the Site is not (i) a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties (including articles, books, photographs, designs, clips, TV shows, short, long and / or feature films, animated or otherwise, advertisements, the User has not made personally or for which he or she lacks the necessary authorizations from third party rights holders thereof), (ii) a personal attack (including defamation, insults, abuse, etc.) and respects image and privacy rights, (iii) a breach of public order and morality (including attempts to justify crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, violent content, pornography, etc.)..

More generally, the User agrees to comply with the code of Otherwise, the content will be denied or withdrawn and / or the User’s account may be deactivated without prior notice and / or civil and criminal actions will be taken against the user. Given the site’s community and respect for the sensibilities of everyone, it is for the user to exercise discretion and caution with regard to information put online. It is up to the User to monitor the comments posted on his or her articles and remove or have removed any comments that violate the provisions above. Following the receipt by of reports detailing the stated offenses, the content in question will immediately be subject to removal from the Site.

The User agrees to refrain from incorporating into his or her contributions to the content of the Site materials, software or other data that may disrupt or damage the operation of computer equipment and / or telecommunications of or other Site users, or allowing unauthorized access to other websites. He or she also agrees to refrain from including in his or her contributions hypertext links or comments that refer or relate to external sites that violate the provisions of this article.

1.6 Registration and Access

All users can read articles and comments and potentially comment on them.
In order to qualify for certain features of the Site, the User must register using the online form provided. accounts are reserved for adults. It is required that account users register with a valid email address.
They are free to modify at all times the content of their personal data provided on this occasion. Use of the Site following registration is valid for an indefinite period. reserves the right to terminate accounts at any time by email, with reasonable notice. In case of non-compliance with the Terms, his or her personal account may be, immediately and without notice, temporarily or permanently disabled, without prejudice to other regulations of

1.7 Site Availability

The site is in principle accessible 24/24h, 7/7d, except interruption, scheduled or not, for the purposes of its maintenance or force majeure. Being subject to due diligence, will not be held liable for any damages, whatever their nature, that result from the unavailability of the Site.

1.8 Evidence, Conservation and Archiving

The records maintained in these secure systems, will be considered evidence such as e-mail communication, registration forms, content downloads, publications and content of comment postings. The archiving of registration forms is carried out in accordance with the required legal provisions. It is agreed that in the event of any discrepancy between the registers of and documents in paper or electronic format available to the user, the registers of shall prevail.


2.1 Purpose respects the privacy of its users and strictly adheres to laws concerning the protection of privacy and individual liberties. This section illustrates its commitment to respect the privacy of users and protection of personal data (”Data”) collected and processed in connection with use of the Site under the conditions specified in the Terms.

2.2 Data Collection

Data collected and subsequently processed by is that which the user voluntarily transmits via forms on the Site and must include at minimum a valid e-mail address. Data collected automatically by the Site may include IP addresses (computer address), excluding all others. The Site may implement an automatic tracking process (cookie), which the User may block, if not registered, by changing the settings of his or her browser.

2.3 Aims of Processing

The identification Data as required by the Form is necessary to access the Site features (Content Management). Data collected automatically by the Site allows the publisher to compile statistics about the consultation of the web pages of the Site. These processes will be declared to the CNIL when they are implemented.

2.4 Data Recipients

The User is informed that the data may be disclosed pursuant to a law, regulation or pursuant to a decision of a competent judicial or regulatory authority or, if necessary, of, to preserve its rights and interests.

The User may at any time decline to receive promotional messages from the trading partners of A request in writing to is sufficient. reserves the right to inform by e-mail its registrants regarding the development of its own services or commercial offers.

The user may terminate his or her registration by writing to No personal information concerning his or her account will be retained by utilizes information relating to the User, which is gathered and processed during his or her registration and which is necessary to carry out the services offered by the Site. In the case where legal provisions impose a specific agreement on the User for the provision of accurate data, the latter may click on the button during registration to refuse agreement. The User agreement may be revoked at any time by sending an email to

2.5 Data Safety attaches particular importance to the security of user data and implements all appropriate measures to limit the risk of loss, damage or misuse of it.

2.6 Retention of Data

Data is stored at the Site host identified in the Legal Mentions and is kept for a duration strictly necessary for the purposes referred to above. Beyond this period, it will be kept exclusively for statistical purposes and will not be exploited in any way whatsoever.

2.7 Your rights

This data is confidential. Therefore, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, the User has the right to access, correct or contest any personal data. He or she can exercise this right by email or by post.


Open data is certainly the next innovation field for self-service citizen applications and it will create transparency and responsibility.

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